About us

About us

Paramount Properties, as part of our service and commitment to our clients offers a Superior Service. Every client of ours enjoys Superior Service. Paramount Properties understands the stresses and strains and the huge amount of time that can be consumed when buying, selling, letting or renting a property.

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The business program covers all types of real estate, residential and commercial investment; including hotels, plazas, houses, apartments, farms, lots, restaurants and more. We are also in a position to build their own home or business premises and advise all foreign investment in the country.

We are backed by experienced professionals, tax consultants, lawyers, engineers, architects and bilingual experts who bring their knowledge to the company in the interests of ensuring that your investment is successful, filling all expectations. In Paramount Properties have their needs, desires and dreams as part of our challenges towards excellence in continuous improvement, to be always at the forefront of quality and efficiency in both technology and personalized service

Paramount Properties, as part of our service commitment to our customers and offering superior service. Each of our clients enjoys Superior Service.

Paramount understands the stresses and strains and the enormous amount of time that can be consumed in the purchase, sale, lease or rental of property.

It is our commitment to our Superior Service will at least minimize the above and it is our goal that we will succeed in fully relieve.

To do this each of our specialist reviewers highlighted in three main areas: – Consulting and Facilitation negotiations.

The first time you come to Paramount as a client we will discuss in detail your needs, we will listen to your specific needs and advise you on the best course of action to achieve exactly what you want.

Our associates are skilled negotiators and will work with you and for you to get the best deal possible, no matter what sector of the property market unites us.

Finally, as facilitators in the hands of our associates will ensure that the specific treatment stays on track and that at all times be fully informed.

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate. Through our thorough knowledge of the real estate business, which for many professionals is a slow and disjointed exercise with many concerns, in our case becomes free operation fluid and stress.

Here at Paramount Properties we are fully committed to providing superior service that is unmatched in our industry, every customer.


“I listen carefully to people who believe to be right … but I prefer to follow people who have the results.”

By Donald Trump

We realize that the best recommendation for any business comes from those who have used a company and experienced firsthand the satisfaction and trust of our customers to spread the word about our superior service.